Healing Through Boutique Greek Medical Cannabis

Safe, premium treatments from Greece for your health. Embrace the power of natural healing.

Building a micro cultivation indoor facility to provide our patients the best quality products

Building a scale up operation with strategy of an holistic solution from seed to sale, Powered exclusively by T.H.Seeds with its award winning genetics

Focus on quality, safety, and standardization sets it apart from other players in the market, utilizing high value genetics to achieve high quality products 

Established partnerships with Patras University, Clinics and knowledgeable organizations with direct connection to patients

The journey of nature creation

R&D Laboratory

Propagate Nature

We start with the best cannabis seeds powered by T.H.SEEDS, carefully researched and selected in our R&D lab for top quality and healing power. These seeds are then nurtured and moved to our state-of-the-art facility to grow into premium products. From seed to solution, we make sure nature's best reaches you.

Indoor Facility

Breeding Nature

In our indoor micro-cultivation facility, we grow high-quality cannabis seeds in ideal conditions. Our expert team carefully monitors every step to ensure strong, healthy plants. This hands-on process ensures top-quality cannabis for premium healing products.

Pharma Distribution

Nursing Nature

After harvesting the plants, we carefully prepared and delivered, our medical cannabis products ensure top quality and safety. From packaging to delivery, the focus is on providing natural healing and relief to patients. 

Who we are

We are a full scope Medical Cannabis operative.

Our mission is to cultivate the future of patient care in Greece by pioneering innovative micro-cultivation methods for premium medical cannabis.

Research & Development